Search for the Narwhal

After we left Pond Inlet we went on a search for the infamous Narwhal. The crew has put a lot of research into finding them. All sources pointed us to a place called Bruce’s Head in Koluktoo Bay.  We anchored there for the night in the hopes of seeing the unicorn of the sea. After no sightings, we decided to head out on the morning of the 27th.

Approaching the Glacier. Photo by Michael Powers.

We had to do a little more exploring and decided to head up into Croker Bay to see some Glaciers. As we approached the first glacier werealized that there was a lot of ice floating around in the fjord.As Fortrus crept towards the Ice wall, Paul spotted a polar bear swimming in the water. We quickly turned the boat around and followed her as she swam towards an Iceberg. The cameras were flying on the bow as she climbed up the Iceberg and disappeared down the other side.

Polar Bear! Photo by Paul McDonald

Steve spotted her again as she swam towards the glacier. Charlie brought the little boat around and we began to hunt her down for some closer photos. The ice was thick and the scout was banging through some very big bergs. The current was ripping and the ice tried to grab us a few times. Ice flows are definitely not something to play with.

Ice. Photo by Stephen McDonald.

Scott and Charlie Scouting the bear through the ice. Photo by Michael Power

The tender caught up to the bear and we took some great photos of her with some magnificent backdrops. In the moment and not reallythinking, we noticed that we were under at least ten stories of ice that could fall on us at any moment. Very dangerous and extremely scary but the end result was, getting some Ridiculous photos and video.

More then ten stories tall at the water. Photo taken by Stephen McDonald.

We have no idea what’s next.

The Boys just after we spotted the polar bear. Photo by Natasha Kovalenko

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6 Comments on “Search for the Narwhal”

  1. Julie Lidge says:

    Amazing photos guys, keep em coming.!! Looks like you’ve been having never ending sunshine and blue skies. Not too sure about the situation occurring amongst the males on the boat i.e. “hairy face syndrome” !!!! Sure hope it’s not too permanent, at least for one male!!! Stay safe and look out for approaching storm in disguise of young blokes called McDonald………………!! Cheers and love to all x

  2. Kaye McDonald says:

    Still cannot believe what you are all doing & seeing. It must be truly amazing. The old boys with you are looking like Santa Clause & their true colors are coming through. (GREY) if you know what I mean. Hi to all the crew & all stay safe. Cheers xxx

  3. Andrea says:

    These photos take my breath away each nautical mile you take. Thanks for sharing this is truly an amazing adventure for all of you! Safe travels!

  4. Sherry Faure says:

    Great to follow the blog! You guys are sure seeing some beautiful sights. What an amazing adventure for you all.
    Keep the photos coming along!!!
    Keep safe!!!
    Look after the younguns when they arrive!!
    Love to all xo

  5. Diana McDonald says:

    Wonderful photography all worthy of a place in national geographic ! Hope all you Vikings are behaving in between chasing polar bears & battling through the ice. It’s so great being able to follow the trail feels almost like you are there xx

  6. Andrew LeBuhn says:

    Hey Fortrus! It was great to get a few minutes today to catch up on your trip! Great photos, writing and comments. It truly looks like a trip of a lifetime! The Polar Bear photo’s were amazing, especially the one of the bear floating on the iceberg in the middle of the sea.

    Great job keeping everyone updated. Continue having fun and we will look forward to hearing and seeing more of the adventure!

    Best Regards to all!

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