Artic Circle with the Boys

Paul and the Boys made it to Nuuk. They are onboard and drinking some whiskey. We decided to head out immediately. At 13:30 on Aug 21st, Fortrus crossed over into the Arctic Circle.

Fortrus & the Burg: Photo by Natasha Kovalenko

As we circled around Disko Island, we saw some fantastic icebergs that stand hundreds of feet in the air. They are absolutely unbelievable. The photo’s are flying.

Paul & the Boys: Photo by Michael Power

The trip with the boys has already been adventurous. Today we tried to make it into Ilulissat harbor. As we edged our way in, there was far too much ice and we had to turn back.  Chucks of ice the size of volkswagen’s were banging off our bow. The noise of the ice bouncing off Fortrus was enough for us to turn around. We were still nine miles from the harbor when the decision was made to turn back. The ice was much thicker ahead.
We are now heading another 220NM north to Upernavik. We’ll take on some fuel there before turning left and crossing to Pond Inlet.
Hopefully we’ll have better luck getting in there.

Ice Sculpture. Photo by Charles Howden

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One Comment on “Artic Circle with the Boys”

  1. Terri Hunt says:

    Wow, you guys are in deep. How are the electronics holding up? Are you able to spot the floating ice (bergy bits and growlers) on sonar/radar? How many satellites are you picking up? How many hours of daylight are you getting? Is the Canadian Coast Guard staying in touch? Any sign of the CCGS Henry Larsen?

    I’m just trying to imagine myself in your shoes. What an adventure!! I can’t wait to read the Captain’s log.

    Be well, we’ll keep a light on in the window for the Fortrus.

    P.S. Where are the hurricane shutters? ………..(just kidding).

    Best regards, Dave Hunt

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